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A prefect ring

Excitement is in the air!!! And you’ve come to the right place, because for everyone there is a perfect ring waiting to be discovered and Lady Peculiar loves to play a part in your unique story!

Our designers, Truda and Louise, enjoy taking on the challenge of creating a unique ring for each client that captures their essence of beauty. We are determined to follow through in order to create the ring of your dreams in every sense of the word.

Alternative or elegant vintage

We will use what you cherish and love in life,  as inspiration and create something that feels undoubtedly new and unique. Lady Peculiar feeds on detail. Design that is delicate yet intricate, a combination of romantic aesthetic elements, an elegant vintage feel, Truda and Louise love to offer a twist on the traditional. Discovering new details in each design, we offer a fresh perspective and understanding of what modern women want.

old things new

Lady Peculiar creations are bespoke in every sense of the word. We love to make old things new, and we can work with what you have. Bring along that diamonds and rings that you’ve inherited, or let us source the perfect sparkling diamond for your taste and budget. We also offer a selection of design sketches in order for you to visualise what we will be making.

Once we’ve settled on the perfect design, we will provide a quote. Usually working in two parts, one being the ring, including metal, production, setting fees, engraving etc , and secondly the diamond or stones needed. In this way, we can source the perfect diamond to fit your design and budget.

We pride ourselves in being easily accessible and affordable, emphasising quality over quantity.


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